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Estimated Premium Calculator

Estimated Premium Calculator

This is an on-line tool which allows employers to calculate an estimated premium for their workers’ compensation insurance. The premium is based on the current payroll rate for the type of work that is performed (class code) for the employer's business operations. The results are not the exact figures that will be billed by the insurance companies since there are additional fees associated to obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. This is simply an informational guide to forecast what your premium may be prior to additional fees. Note: The estimated premium calculator does not include experience modification factors.

The purpose of this tool is to provide employers with an estimate of their premium. For additional assistance identifying a governing class code, please contact NCCI at 1-800-622-4123.

To calculate estimated premiums, enter the estimated annual payroll and type of work performed or classification code in the appropriate fields. Then, click the ‘Calculate’ button. To edit or remove any of the data entered, click the “Reset” button on the specific line.

Estimated Annual Payroll Type of Work Performed or Classification Code Class Code Rate Estimated Manual Premium
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